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My Story

"I love what I do. Painting is really just my response to beauty. It is my compulsive attempt to experience and revel in the turn of a curled-up leaf or the solitude of a field polka-dotted with sheep. My art is my attempt to celebrate the ordinary things that capture my attention and affection. The only thing better is to share that celebration with someone else - to know that one of my pieces is bringing someone else joy, too. I studied art at the University of Virginia, earning a degree in biology, but gaining an academic obsession with painting that has driven me to continue creating while working in the sciences. I paint primarily with watercolor, but I am not limited by either subject or medium and will occasionally foray into oil or pastel. I am a wife, a mom, and the lucky owner of Henry, the studio dog, who is usually asleep. John Singer Sargent, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Dorie Greenspan are my spirit animals. I love oversized sweatshirts, nerdy science news, and my tiny home studio that is always full of light and the opportunity for yet another painting." -  Bek

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